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About Us

Our farm employees an isowean to finish system to raise pigs with our grower partners in Minnesota and Nebraska. We contract with various independent sow farms as well as own our own sow units located in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Missouri.

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Hogs have always been at the foundation of our farm and will continue to be in the future. We are always seeking new growers and potential employeees. If interested please contact us.

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Grain Production

We strive to grow grain for our production system in a way that minimizes risk and utilizes the byproducts that results from pork production. We are currently unable to meet our grain consumption demands, so we are actively purchasing corn.

Our Mission. Quality Production.

We are committed to being an efficient, low cost producer of high quality pork. We are accomplishing this through the utilization of production research, retaining key employees, and continuing our growth as a diversified farm.

About our Farm. Family Traditions.

Our family was one of the first pioneers of confinement pork production in the late 1960's. We've used sound animal husbandry practices along with technology to make it a reality. Through the years we have continued to produce pork and make changes to stay competitive and grow with the pork industry.